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graphic artist / designer / creative soul

Artist Statement

I am a graphic artist/designer utilizing white/negative space to produce positive results.

Through the use of white space, I induce the achromatic color’s pure innocence. Compelling the viewer’s gaze with its’ quiescent space and visual tranquility, it also eludes an enigmatic attention. 

Creating a visual work with the use of white space reflects my personality; I am serene like the white opaque walls but I also demand a salvation, which is only gained through the audience’s gaze. The transparent space is seen to be an introvertive expression but as you get lost within its creativity and style, you soon realize that the true rendition of the negative space isn’t so empty. 

When I look at a finished canvas or product, I am no longer amused or compelled. But when I see a blank canvas yearning to be created, that is when I get inspired. When I see white space, I instantaneously yearn to create a visual message. 

As a graphic artist/designer, I enjoy being able to create, manipulate, and produce my thoughts and ideas visually. I incorporate white/negative space in my design works for a clean and dramatic framework. There is a more positive public response towards white space for it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

I aim for simplicity and minimalism. Do less for more. 

My approach allows for a graphic breathing space.

Transcending through all visual media, I am able to identify, stimulate, persuade, publish and attract attention and always have the ability to recreate. 

White spaces are everywhere in my world - from the blank sheets of my sketchbook to the untouched new spreads on design layouts. As a child, I always doodled on the margins of my notebooks. Art and design are part of my everyday life and most importantly my daily life. 

I would like to explore many other areas of art and design like the blank canvas that is yet to be created.